The Quality of our Emotions by Dr. Amanda Bowen

  What emotions are ruling your day? ”The quality of our emotions determines the instructions that our hearts send to the brain.” ~  Gregg Braden So the question is …… what emotions are you allowing to run the show? Are stress, fear & anxiety the front runners? Or love, peace & gratitude? Did you know that every time you have a thought a chemical is made that will match that thought? The average human has 60-70 thousand thoughts a day! This chemistry then floods the body, bathing our cells in a healing environment or one which is toxic. By bringing awareness to what is happening within us, we can interrupt the program, the habits that’s have become hardwired will in time lose their strength and the new thoughts, habits and behaviours can take root and create lasting transformation within, which then becomes evident in the world around us. Science tells us that  “energy flows where attention goes.” Where are you placing your attention? Is it possible for you to be able to switch

Freelancing for a living

 Many students have been asking me about ways to monetize their skills. Well, actually, that’s not the question I get. The question usually comes from people interested in our animation courses but are still deciding in enrolling. They ask: Is this course just for hobby? Or can I eventually make money with it? Very good question. I brought this question to my team and we decided to find ways to help our students to make money. We currently have (at the time of writing this) 120,000+ students learning how to animate , and they are learning new skills. Wouldn’t it be super cool to help all of you make some money with your new skills? It would indeed. So, if you are a good artist, a good animator, good at motion graphics, good voice actor, storyboard artist, you can turn images into vectors using illustrator, etc., how can you make money with that skill? First, let me tell you, there is someone right now, in this very moment who is in need of your skill. If you can turn paper drawings in

Skill-Building & Networking in the Time of COVID-19

“During an economic slowdown, it’s important to focus on what you can control—improving your skills and reaching out to your network,” says Heidi Parsont, CEO and founder of TorchLight Hire. It’s hardly news that the global COVID-19 pandemic is having an extraordinarily harsh effect on the economy. A shift in mindset is necessary in these times of uncertainty, but it’s important to remember that it is still worth your time and energy to build new skillsets and continue to network during the pandemic.   Skill-Building Choosing to see physical distancing or quarantine as an opportunity rather than a roadblock can help you gain a competitive edge. Building a mix of hard and soft skills in this obligatory ‘downtime’ could turn you into more of an asset in the eyes of employers. While hard skills are something no one is born with, like coding, accounting, or budgeting skills, soft skills are elements of your personality (which can also be learned over time), such as interpersonal s

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The best use of Instagram videos.

Let's talk about social media? It’s no secret for everyone that social media is a valuable strategy for businesses. As this continues to evolve, it’s important to know the latest, but it’s also good to get back to the basics. For example: How to download Instagram videos? Instagram is currently the social network that we use the most, what was originally a filter app has gradually evolved, with videos being one of its main assets. But unfortunately, Instagram does not allow us to  download Instagram videos  and save neither images nor videos from the app. But do not worry! We have good news for you! – We have found the best and easy app where you can easily download Instagram videos – And that app, as well as the site, is “”. : This website only needs an exact Username of the person or brand you want to download Instagram photos – That’s it!  It downloads in seconds. They also offer Android app so you can easily download Instagram Vide

The Main Advantages of Choosing a Tutoring Company

When the time comes to find a tutor, you have two main options: find an independent tutor or opt for a tutoring company. With the wide variety of companies available, many parents opt for the latest Here are a few reasons why you should choose this option: 1. Reliability During the school year, your tutor may be confronted with unexpected events that disrupt his or her availability, such as illness, moving houses or simply not having enough time. Your tutor may, therefore, be forced to end the tutoring sessions. By using the tutoring services of a company, you can immediately benefit from a new tutor who will be able to continue the  tutoring  sessions where he/she was left to ensure his/her academic success. In the case of an independent tutor, this situation will interrupt the meetings and you will have to start searching for a new one. 2. Expertise When doing your research, it can be difficult and time consuming to be certain that an independent tutor has the necessary ski