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Helpful tools for web designers & developers from TemplateMonster Marketplace

Clever use of tools that simplify the task management process plays a significant role in the career of developers or web designers.

Of course, we should remember that there are tools that can either dramatically increase efficiency or make our work extremely difficult.

In this review, we have prepared a collection of the most necessary tools and resources from TemplateMonster for you. With them, you will learn how to do everything faster and be more productive.

Here you will find tons of templates for different CMS platforms, responsive JavaScript codes, app templates, admin panel templates, and a Visual HTML page builder. Moreover, we added many UI elements to this list too.

You can use this set daily to create, manage, and support your products. We hope you will find many useful things for you! 

ONE Membership — Ultimate Development Kit

ONE subscription is a unique opportunity for developers, designers, marketers, and all those involved in the creation and promotion of business projects. The subscription includes more than 10 thousand templates, and this list is updated continuously. The bottom line is that a user paying a subscription pays once, and receives an unlimited number of product downloads. There are two tariffs (annual and lifetime), including thousands of premium website templates, stock photos, the ability to install additional plugins, and 24/7 technical support 24/7.

ONE Subscription Benefits:

  • high-quality premium products;

  • a variation of products, as well as access to the tool for creating mockups, corporate identity for a whole year;

  • constant updating of products;

  • the price of the subscription is equal to a purchase of one premium website theme;

  • technical support for an entire year on any issue;

  • up to 50% additional discount on all services of the TemplateMonster service;

  • the opportunity to receive a refund if, within 14 days from the date of purchase, the user has not downloaded a single product on ONE subscription.

Zemez Responsive Navbar JavaScript

It always takes a lot of time to write a good and quality piece of code. Zemez theme provides a universal navigation bar script with great functionality. This is clean code, with full documentation, various dropdowns, and mega menus.

You will save your time in creating a responsive website with intuitive navigation after buying this JavaScript code. And, of course, it will help you not once. For better work, you will need jQuery 1.11+ and jQuery Easing 1.1+.

Moreover, these guys can provide support around the clock for you.

Main features:

  • Eight different layouts to choose

  • light and dark color schemes

  • cross-browser compatibility

  • Sass and Pug files

  • sticky navbar

  • easy to customize

  • mobile app style is included

  • compatible with Bootstrap 4

  • Flexbox-based

Novi - Visual HTML Page Builder & Content Editor JavaScript

The next tool on our list is the Novi builder. It is an excellent tool for web developers. This online website builder is accessible through an Internet browser, while the site is stored on its server service. Typically, the storage of such data is paid, so consumers have restrictions within the chosen tariff.

The main advantage of online HTML + CSS editors is that the process is not tied to one computer so that a whole team can work on a project. And even from different parts of the world. You can edit a website in visual mode or with HTML / CSS / JavaScript source code. 

What does Novi editor provide?

  • Novi is the versatility HTML page builder. It suits not only users of various skill levels but also for creating multiple types of sites, from blogs to online stores.

  • It is an independent product, and it is not tied to any CMS platform or framework.

  • Editing in a visual mode without changing its code directly thanks to the import tool.

  • Availability to export the code created or edited on its basis as an archive for future use or sale.

  • Extensive documentation on working with Novi Builder with a higher number of training videos.

  • Extensive collection of ready-made templates designed for corporate websites, web resources for small and medium-sized businesses, personal pages.

UI Elements

With a high probability, the layout of forms and other UI sites belongs to the category of unpleasant tasks for any web designer or web developer. Especially when it comes to their animation, without which no new website can do. However, there is a way that can significantly save time during layout and design, including the site UI - these are ready-made libraries of UI elements. 

TemplateMonster marketplace presents mainly three sets of UI elements, such as Social Media kits, interface layout, and others. 

This selection of UI elements for web designers and developers will help improve the application interface, make a site prototype, save time and resources.

Even though the UI has thought-over design carefully, it can be used in almost any project. All elements are tailored to the current trends in web design, and with a high probability, it will turn out that at least one set from this collection will be in precisely the same style as your project.

What exactly can you find there?

  • Various types of ready-made templates for posts on popular social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

  • PSD files with different color palettes

  • Widget sets

  • Web designer starter kits

  • Templates for admin dashboards, email newsletters, notifications, booking, code scanning, and much more.

App Templates

Mobile application templates are those architectural “blanks” based on which you can create your application for mobile devices to effectively “communicate” with the user. Typical solutions can be obtained using the designers of mobile apps or ready-to-use templates. These tools help you to reduce the cost of your project.

Also, application templates are an indispensable learning tool for novice developers who want to improve their coding skills by learning the building blocks of the application and creating their own.

At the moment, the TemplateMonster marketplace presents only eight app templates. Nevertheless, they reflect the most popular categories of applications for Android. Developers assure that almost all of them were created using Android Studio, following the principles of Google Material Design, support AdMob, provide users with the ability to remove banners and interstitial ads.

You will find mobile app template for:

  • a News portal

  • job search with resume application

  • a call blocker app

  • e-commerce app

  • web view app

  • and just multipurpose app

Admin Templates

The ultimate custom solution in our arsenal of web developer’s tools is the admin panel template. The admin panel is one of the main working tools for both the average user and the administrator. To make the process of creating them a, even more, faster for you and pleasant for your audience, you can use the HTML admin panel templates. At the TemplateMonster website, there are over 70 ready-to-use templates and page layouts with all the necessary elements, which can be further customized at your discretion. By choosing and setting up one of these panels, you will significantly simplify your work and will be able to get additional sympathy from users. All panels have a convenient and beautiful interface that will appeal to even the most demanding users. Such tools will be especially useful for a web designer or other users who don’t have enough code skills.

Main features of Admin templates:

  • Fully responsive design

  • Easy to customize

  • Work on all major latest web browsers

  • Powered by Bootstrap (mainly Bootstrap 3)

  • Mobile-first

  • Some templates have widgets for analytics and other extra functionality


The frontend is a tricky thing. It’s easy to understand. It’s challenging to become a master in it because you have to take into account too many nuances. Fortunately, web developers and designers are always creating tools that simplify the execution of routine tasks and give freedom to creativity. That is why we have put together a selection of useful resources for working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

In total, six useful web projects were obtained in several areas - from website templates to page builder and scripts. They will be equally helpful to both layout designers and web developers. Follow the links under the screenshots to find out more and test the performance of these tools personally.


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