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Skill-Building & Networking in the Time of COVID-19

“During an economic slowdown, it’s important to focus on what you can control—improving your skills and reaching out to your network,” says Heidi Parsont, CEO and founder of TorchLight Hire. It’s hardly news that the global COVID-19 pandemic is having an extraordinarily harsh effect on the economy. A shift in mindset is necessary in these times of uncertainty, but it’s important to remember that it is still worth your time and energy to build new skillsets and continue to network during the pandemic.   Skill-Building Choosing to see physical distancing or quarantine as an opportunity rather than a roadblock can help you gain a competitive edge. Building a mix of hard and soft skills in this obligatory ‘downtime’ could turn you into more of an asset in the eyes of employers. While hard skills are something no one is born with, like coding, accounting, or budgeting skills, soft skills are elements of your personality (which can also be learned over time), such as interpersonal s