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Freelancing for a living

 Many students have been asking me about ways to monetize their skills. Well, actually, that’s not the question I get. The question usually comes from people interested in our animation courses but are still deciding in enrolling. They ask: Is this course just for hobby? Or can I eventually make money with it? Very good question. I brought this question to my team and we decided to find ways to help our students to make money. We currently have (at the time of writing this) 120,000+ students learning how to animate , and they are learning new skills. Wouldn’t it be super cool to help all of you make some money with your new skills? It would indeed. So, if you are a good artist, a good animator, good at motion graphics, good voice actor, storyboard artist, you can turn images into vectors using illustrator, etc., how can you make money with that skill? First, let me tell you, there is someone right now, in this very moment who is in need of your skill. If you can turn paper drawings in