Freelancing for a living

 Many students have been asking me about ways to monetize their skills.

Well, actually, that’s not the question I get. The question usually comes from people interested in our animation courses but are still deciding in enrolling. They ask:

Is this course just for hobby? Or can I eventually make money with it?

Very good question.

I brought this question to my team and we decided to find ways to help our students to make money.

We currently have (at the time of writing this) 120,000+ students learning how to animate, and they are learning new skills. Wouldn’t it be super cool to help all of you make some money with your new skills?

It would indeed.

So, if you are a good artist, a good animator, good at motion graphics, good voice actor, storyboard artist, you can turn images into vectors using illustrator, etc., how can you make money with that skill?

First, let me tell you, there is someone right now, in this very moment who is in need of your skill. If you can turn paper drawings into beautiful color art using illustrator, there is someone right now in this very moment, in some country who needs to turn their drawing into vectors.

They either don’t know how to do it, or they don’t have the time to do it. And so, they go online and look for someone to do it for them. In the next couple of minutes, they are going to hire someone, pay them and get the job done.

Well, this could’ve been you. For the next chance, I hope you have read this article in full, and you will be one of the candidates to be hired for that service.

So, again, how can you make money with your skills?

The answer is super simple: Freelancing

There literally around a million people around the globe who want to get something done for their project. And a lot of them are hanging out on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

So, what is freelancing?

Freelancing means that someone hires you (not a company, not a corporation, just you and your skills) to do a job for them. You deliver your service and then you get paid. As simple as that.

Do you have to quit your job to be a freelancer? Absolutely not. It’s totally optional.

In fact, successful freelancers start doing some work for others, and getting some extra income, while they are still working on their full-time job.

And once they start getting sales, and significant income growth per month, they quit their jobs.

Once they quit, they can keep growing their monthly income. They can go from $1,000 a month, and grow it to $5,000 USD a month, to even $10,000 USD a month.

To put things in perspective, the average income per year in the United States is around $50,000 USD (that is $4,160 USD a month), and only Freelancers can decide to earn more if they want to.

There are plenty of study cases of people who make way more than the average, doing what they love, by freelancing.

One example is Red Horrocks, voice over artist who makes $15,000 USD a month, that means, she makes 3 times the average. That is $180,000 a year. More than a General Physician makes after medical school.

And doing what? Only what she loves. Voice acting.

She has a talent and she monetizes on it.

And so, I want to roll this on to you.

What would you do if you made 3 times the average salary, being your own boss, doing what you love?

What would you do if you could make $15,000 USD a month.

Heck, let’s make it a bit more realistic. What would you do if you could make $10,000 USD a month? That’s 2 times the average.

Can you do this? Can this be for you?

This is what I want to discuss in this article.

Freelancing for a living

Ok. So that was freelancing.

It does sound like the promised land, doesn’t it?

You are your own boss, you do what you love for a living, and no one sets a limit on how much you can earn, you are the one who set that monthly figure.

But please notice, this is not something you get in 1 month, or 2 months. You can definitely learn all the basics on this article and, know all the steps needed to get there in 1 or 2 months by taking a course or reading some books, but the road takes a long time.

For Redd, the voice actress, it took around 1-2 years to get there.

Ok. It all sounds interesting, challenging, and you probably want to start, or at least, you want to give it a try, see if this works for you.

The first thing you need to ask to yourself is: Are you happy in your current job?

If so, then, there is probably no need for you to try freelancing.

Now, would you like to be your own boss? Doing what you love?

If so, then, even if you are happy with your job, you will probably find it very interesting to try this out.


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