The Quality of our Emotions by Dr. Amanda Bowen


What emotions are ruling your day?

”The quality of our emotions determines the instructions that our hearts send to the brain.” ~ Gregg Braden

So the question is …… what emotions are you allowing to run the show?

Are stress, fear & anxiety the front runners? Or love, peace & gratitude?

Did you know that every time you have a thought a chemical is made that will match that thought? The average human has 60-70 thousand thoughts a day! This chemistry then floods the body, bathing our cells in a healing environment or one which is toxic.

By bringing awareness to what is happening within us, we can interrupt the program, the habits that’s have become hardwired will in time lose their strength and the new thoughts, habits and behaviours can take root and create lasting transformation within, which then becomes evident in the world around us.

Science tells us that “energy flows where attention goes.”

Where are you placing your attention? Is it possible for you to be able to switch your focus from the coronavirus and everything that is wrong in the world and focus on health and peace, what positive changes can be made, how can I boost my defences to be able to deal with the challenges that are facing us?

Time to pause, reflect, breathe. See how much better you can instantly feel when you move your attention to something that feels good inside. Blaming & complaining will only feed the negative energy we so badly want to go away, so as energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed, we get to choose what we are projecting, which affects everything around us and beyond.

Let’s all try and make this world a better place to live through kindness, compassion and love. It really isn’t rocket science! If you would like to learn how to put this into practice, join me for educational & inspirational yin yoga & mindfulness classes online and on-demand at a time that suits you.

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Wishing you all health, peace, happiness & joy.



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